Fun Activities to Watch and Join In

Tricycle Races

For many years, in celebration of Bike to Work & School Day, the City of Bellingham has hosted hilarious tricycle relay races in front of City Hall. This year the City will host races at the Bike Party on Bay Street in addition to the noon races at City Hall. The party races begin at 5:30 and will include adult teams, family teams (2 adults, 2 kids) and kid teams (ages 9 and younger).

Want to race? You’ll need a team of four racers and a child-sized tricycle. To register your team complete the Bike Party Trike Race entry form and email it to  Kim Brown with City of Bellingham. If  you want to race at noon at City Hall, complete this form instead and email to Kim.

Bike Polo

Calling all mountain bikers and trick riders – you’d be great at bike polo! Never played before? A couple of local pros will be at our party to give you a quick tutorial.

Come see this fun game that was invented in Seattle by bike messengers. Teams of three score goals by hitting balls with mallets while riding bikes! A shout out to the Sportsplex — they’re providing the bumpers that will keep the ball on the court.

Photo Credit: Angela Evancie/NPR

Gold Sprint Race

Can you pedal like crazy for 15 seconds? You could win a goldsprint stationary bike race! We’ll have two bikes set up side by side, front wheels removed and set into a metal frame with the back wheels on rollers. Challenge your friends to climb up on the bike beside you and pedal madly. Of course, you won’t be going anywhere, but everyone in the beer garden will cheer you on while watching the electronic display of who is “in the lead.”

Bike Registration and U Lock Demonstrations

The City of Bellingham is celebrating National Bike Month with a local theft prevention campaign. Stop by the Bike Registration table for tips on how to properly lock a bike using a U-Lock. You can also get help registering your bike. If a bike is stolen it’s much more likely to be recovered if it has been registered. Register your bike to enter a prize drawing for a set of Ortlieb bike bags!

Catch a ride after the party

If you and your bike would like to catch a ride home after the party, take the bus! We’ll have a WTA bus and driver on site. You can learn how to load your bike on a bus, and the driver can show you which route you need to catch. From the Bike Party, it’s a short ride over to WTA’s Bellingham Station, where most buses depart from. Also, loading your bike on a bus gives you another chance to enter to win an amazing Ortlieb bike bag!

Food and Drink