Bike to Work and School Day

 Status of Bike to Work and School Day 2015 

Early in the morning on May 15, 1998, a small team of dedicated volunteers stood on the corner of Holly and Railroad and greeted bicyclists enthusiastically with handmade signs, ringing cowbells and donated treats.  Since then, Bike to Work & School Day has grown into an event that includes hundreds of volunteers from schools, businesses and the general community, with more than 50 celebration stations throughout Whatcom County!

I have had the pleasure of coordinating all the volunteers, celebration stations and donations for the past several years.   What an inspiration it’s been to work with all of you!

I’m writing to let you know that, due to cuts to the Whatcom Smart Trips budget, we can no longer coordinate Bike to Work & School Day the way that we’ve been doing it.  It has required over a month of full-time work (spread out over  March, April and May) to recruit volunteers and donations, order promotional items, assemble boxes of supplies for celebration stations, publicize the event, award the prizes and add up the tally sheets.  Additionally, other staff members provide assistance to our Smart Trips employer partners, create the posters and purchase the advertising.  Unfortunately, our 2015 budget won’t allow us to spend this much time preparing for the event.

While it’s possible that some other person or organization could step in to replace us, we think it’s more likely that it will evolve into a do-it-yourself event, with long-time volunteers planning and hosting their own celebration stations at worksites, schools and public locations.  We’re confident that many of you have the motivation and knowledge to pull this off, and we would like to propose a way to work together.

Whatcom Smart Trips staff will:

  • Print posters and advertise the event on, Facebook and local media

  • Send one email message in May, encouraging past volunteers to host do-it-yourself celebration stations with a list of suggested locations

  • Maintain a list of celebration station locations on that volunteers have committed to host

  • Provide a printable form on the website for tracking numbers of cyclists

  • Provide assistance to Smart Trips employer partners

  • Host one celebration station on the corner of Holly and Railroad (we’ll take another location if someone else wants that spot)

  • Make available leftover supplies of stickers and giveaway items for schools

What you might do:

  • Recruit other volunteers to work with you

  • Report your intended location to us (and be prepared to be flexible if someone else has already committed to that spot)

  • Ask local businesses to donate treats and/or prizes for your location

  • Host your celebration station from 6:00am to 9:30am on Friday, May 15, 2015

  • Count the number of cyclists who visit your celebration station and report that number to us

While I’m sad that I won’t spend a big part of my spring talking with all of you, I’m hopeful that we’ll invent a way to do Bike to Work & School Day that’s fun and super-efficient.  Thanks again for all your years of encouraging friends, neighbors and co-workers to ride their bicycles for transportation in Whatcom County.  What a contribution you’ve made!

Mary Anderson



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